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Your Pests Stand No Chance

Vanguard Pest Control will conquer your pests by doing the following:

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  • We will find and eliminate the pests living inside your home.
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  • We will apply a 6-foot barrier around the exterior of your home to keep pests out.
  • We will granulate flowerbeds and bushes.
  • Granulating flower beds and bushes
  • We will remove all spider webs, egg sacks, and wasp nests from underneath your eaves and overhangs.
  • We will use specialized equipment, baits, and effecive products that are family and pet friendly.
  • We will provide ongoing consultation. If you ever have a question, just ask!
  • We listen to you!

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What Sets Us Apart?

  • 1) Family owned and operated.

  • 2) Same day or next-day service.

  • 3) We always call the day before your service.

  • 4) Family and pet friendly.

  • 5) 100% Full-service Satisfaction Guarantee.

  • 6) Professional Technicians who treat your home as if it were their own.

  • 7) Free advice, free pest evaluation, and free estimate.

  • 8) We're licensed, bonded, and insured.